One-to-One Small Business Coaching

One-to-One Small Business Coaching

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Whether you’re starting from scratch or feel stuck in a rut, getting a fresh perspective from someone who’s been there can really help you prioritise and know where to focus your energy, resources and time.

As a business owner myself, I’ve gathered so many resources and tips that I’m eager to share! My coaching program can be tailored to your specific needs; here are just some of the topics we can cover…

Overview of your business

Business Plan Help

Your strengths and weaknesses

Your money mindset - and how it shapes your decision-making

Letting go of control / delegating

Where to spend your money

How to reign in spending



Social media MOT & Tips

Creativity & Inspiration

And so much more…

I only ask that if you need Dragons’ Den coaching, you please purchase my other course!

So how does one-to-one coaching work?  Simply purchase the course, fill in the form, and I will email you to set up dates and times for our skype sessions (or in person, if you live in Cornwall!)

I can generally begin coaching within 5 business days of purchase, but this will depend on time of the year.  For multiple sessions, we will do them about once a week so that you can work on the mini goals we will set between sessions :)

Looking forward to working with you!

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Please note that any advice I give is my personal opinion, and I make no guarantees that following my advice will yield any particular results. I am not a healthcare or mental health professional, and my coaching is not meant to take the place of medical, psychological, professional or financial advice. All the information we share will be confidential, and you will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement before we begin to ensure both our confidentiality.